Pro Nord laundry is a 100% privately owned company located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company offers

laundry and cleaning services all over Scandinavia, both nationally and internationally. We consider the

quality of services offered and meeting the deadlines to be of utmost importance. Our goal is not to

become the biggest or the best laundry around, but rather to become the best at what we do. Our target

group includes accommodation businesses, kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants as well as individual


Experience of our employees, their readiness for flexible work and use of high-quality detergents allows

us to provide quick and high-quality service.

Our company’s equipment consists of modern Electrolux and Miele washing machines and dryers that

ensure sterility of the laundry and high quality of work. For cleaning of textiles we use fragrance-free and

allergy-free cleaning agents and washing gels.

Currently our capacity is ca. 1000 kg per day. We offer a variety of dry cleaning services along with

clothing repairs.

The foundation of our activities is trust and satisfaction of the customers!