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Welcome to Pro Nord Trade!

A modern fast-growing company

We work across a full range of services with partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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We're looking for partners

Our company is always on the lookout for interesting collaboration proposals and applications for our labour force.

We also offer our partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark recruitment and outstaffing services. The experience of our staff who provide labour support enables us to provide a fast and high-quality service.

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    Short-term and long-term contracts

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    Customer data protection and security

Sign long-term contracts with Pro Nord Trade

Quality cleaning and maintenance of your premises using modern equipment

Pro Nord Trade OÜ offers daily and comprehensive cleaning services for the hotel sector, catering companies, shopping centres, medical institutions, industrial and commercial premises, warehouses and educational institutions in Tallinn, Estonia.

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    Professional staff

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    Consistent quality control

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Cleaning technologies

Commercial cleaning

Your office is the 'face' of your company, so commercial spaces require constant and comprehensive maintenance all year round.

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01Cleaning company services

are cheaper than maintaining a full-time employee

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02An integrated approach

Call cleaning specialists on terms that are convenient for you

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03Equipment and supplies

There is no need to buy and store equipment and special cleaning products in your office or warehouse

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04Cleaning quality

Our specialists are professionally trained and use modern equipment and the best cleaning products

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About outstaffing

Pro Nord Trade OÜ:
your reliable labour hire partner

Our company provides both qualified personnel and labourers on a temporary or long-term basis to carry out work across various industries

Not only providing you with a service, but also solving your problems!

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Your partner

Pro Nord Trade OÜ:
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Awards and major achievements

Pro Nord Trade OÜ is a private company, entirely based on Estonian capital, located in Tallinn, Estonia

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Gaselli Kongress Tallinn, Estonia

  • Year:2022
  • An award from:Meelis Mandel,
    editor-in-chief of Äripäev newspaper
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Pro Nord Trade OÜ:
is one of the fastest growing companies in the world

  • Period:2021-2023
  • Clients+43 in the last year

Cleaning and hygiene

Household products are used almost daily in the home, offices and other areas. Not everyone knows how to choose and use the right detergents and cleaning products. Professional cleaning chemicals have several fundamental differences from detergents that are usually used in households.

For example, administrative, medical, commercial and industrial premises experience high footfall. This produces heavily soiled surfaces that require more effective detergents for cleaning. In addition, most cleaning measures involve the use of technical means that require specialised chemicals.

You can buy cleaning chemicals in bulk from us and we'll deliver them. Our range includes products for both professional cleaning and domestic cleaning. There are also products for cleaning a variety of surfaces, from natural stone to ceramics and plastics. In addition, we have the option to order personal care products.