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A professional approach

Carpet dry cleaning

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Any carpeting requires regular chemical treatment and the frequency of this treatment depends on the type of carpet, its size and its location. It is generally recommended that carpets in high-footfall areas be cleaned more frequently. Pro Nord specialises in the chemical treatment of rugs and carpet. We use modern equipment and hypoallergenic products. Our specialists guarantee a tailored approach to each item, ensuring its complete protection.

Accepting applications

  • > Creating a schedule
  • > Coordination with the client
  • > Accuracy in execution


  • > Professionals
  • > Modern equipment
  • > Quality control


  • > Experienced managers
  • > Work supervision
  • > Resolving issues

We only employ qualified and experienced professionals to carry out carpet and rug cleaning.

Using high-quality equipment, we carry out full antibacterial carpet cleaning. This process not only removes contaminants, but also effectively kills bacteria and allergens, creating a safe and healthy space. We are committed to ensuring that your carpets last a long time and look impeccable. When you choose Pro Nord to clean your carpets, you're not only keeping your carpets clean, but also taking care of the health of your home or office. Trust our experience and professionalism to keep your carpets in top condition!

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
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Carpet cleaning

• The use of environmentally friendly products for fabric coverings.
• The use of modern techniques and chemicals.
• Increased measures for environmental friendliness.

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Carpet cleaning

• A professional approach to different types of carpets.
• The use of modern techniques and chemicals.
• Increased measures for environmental friendliness.

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Pro Nord Trade is a private company based entirely on Estonian capital.

Our company provides services that'll save you time. We solve all problems related to professional comprehensive cleaning of premises and external areas of any type and any difficulty; we offer dry cleaning and laundry services for businesses and individuals and textile rental for the hotel sector as well as outstaffing services.

  • Guarantees

    Achieving results, regardless of the situation

  • Quality of service

    The company only employs professionals in their fields

  • Experience

    100% of our customers are satisfied with our service in any field.

  • Customer protection

    We have professional liability insurance