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We'll return the flooring to its original appearance and protect it from external exposure

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Cleanliness starts with the floor. Cleaning may vary from place to place, but mopping the floors is a must anywhere, even during the most minimal cleaning. Daily floor cleaning is different from cleaning, which needs to be done at intervals that directly depend on the footfall in the room as well as the type of floor. Floor cleaning involves a number of measures aimed at removing all dirt, including embedded dirt, returning the flooring to its original appearance and protecting the flooring from external exposure.

Accepting applications

  • > Creating a schedule
  • > Coordination with the client
  • > Accuracy in execution


  • > Professionals
  • > Modern equipment
  • > Quality control


  • > Experienced managers
  • > Work supervision
  • > Resolving issues

We only employ qualified and experienced professionals to carry out cleaning and refurbishment work.

Our employees have knowledge of cleaning technologies, are well oriented in the features and types of floor surfaces and understand the correct choice of chemicals for said surfaces. Pro Nord uses state-of-the-art floor protection products and offers customers a professional approach and favourable prices. The process of protecting floors with a protective layer is very creative and it's amazing to immediately see the result of the floor transformation.

  • Floor preparation
  • Floor cleaning
  • Application of protection
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Floor preparation

• Automated and manual floor cleaning.
• Thorough cleaning conforming with all safety regulations.
• The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products

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Floor cleaning

• The use of specialised chemical cleaning agents.
• Increased measures for environmental friendliness.
• The use of specialised machinery for deep cleaning.

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Application of protection

• Using special techniques to apply protection.
• The use of reliable and durable means of protection.
• Increased measures for environmental friendliness.

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Pro Nord Trade is a private company based entirely on Estonian capital.

Our company provides services that'll save you time. We solve all problems related to professional comprehensive cleaning of premises and external areas of any type and any difficulty; we offer dry cleaning and laundry services for businesses and individuals and textile rental for the hotel sector as well as outstaffing services.

  • Guarantees

    Achieving results, regardless of the situation

  • Quality of service

    The company only employs professionals in their fields

  • Experience

    100% of our customers are satisfied with our service in any field.

  • Customer protection

    We have professional liability insurance