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Clean surrounding area

The cleanliness of the surrounding areas ensures the comfort and trust of any visitors.

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It is important to keep not only indoor areas clean but also the surrounding areas. No matter how respectable and spectacular offices, hotels or shops may be, dirt and piles of rubbish around the buildings can spoil the overall impression. Quality cleaning of surrounding areas is a labour-intensive process that requires special tools, equipment and supplies. The work can be carried out either manually or with the help of machinery. Our staff is a team of qualified professionals with the skills necessary to complete the most difficult jobs. They will be able to keep the surrounding area in perfect order on a regular basis.

Accepting applications

  • > Creating a schedule
  • > Coordination with the client
  • > Accuracy in execution


  • > Professionals
  • > Modern equipment
  • > Quality control


  • > Experienced managers
  • > Work supervision
  • > Resolving issues

Cleanliness of nearby areas

ensures the comfort and trust of any visitors. It is better if these works are carried out by professionals. We will do everything efficiently and help create a cleaning schedule that suits you. We will carry out any range of works during the cleaning of nearby areas.

  • Snow removal
  • Lawn mowing
  • Leaf removal
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Snow removal

• Mechanised and manual snow removal in nearby areas.
• Snow removal from roofs conforming to all safety regulations.
• Snow removal in specially furnished areas.

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Lawn mowing

• Regular and neat lawn mowing on any terrain.
• The use of modern machinery and trained personnel.
• Trust us to take care of your lawn!

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Leaf removal

• One-off or regular leaf removal on your property.
• Organisation of removal of cleaned rubbish from the area

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Pro Nord Trade is a private company based entirely on Estonian capital.

Our company provides services that'll save you time. We solve all problems related to professional comprehensive cleaning of premises and external areas of any type and any difficulty; we offer dry cleaning and laundry services for businesses and individuals and textile rental for the hotel sector as well as outstaffing services.

  • Guarantees

    Achieving results, regardless of the situation

  • Quality of service

    The company only employs professionals in their fields

  • Experience

    100% of our customers are satisfied with our service in any field.

  • Customer protection

    We have professional liability insurance